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My Frugal Wife – Want a pen that looks good and writes great? Try Pilot.

I recently received several pens from Pilot to review.  I am a writer, obviously being a blogger you have to be.  I have always loved to write and still today keep a paper journal.  I think if I could take pictures of what I write and post them, I probably would do my blog that way, but it gets a little hard to read!

One thing you have to have if you love to write is  a great pen that is comfortable to hold.  Well Pilot has always done this, I have been a fan of their G2 for quite a while because it is smooth to write with.  Well, like Pilot always does, they stepped it up a notch.  They made them pretty. I absolutely love the new styles they have come up with.  They still have the same great smooth writing and the perfect grip they always had, but now you can personalize your pen a bit more.

I also received the Ball Frixion Clicker.  These quickly became a favorite of myself and my 3 year old.  They are erasable gel ink pens, the top is the eraser and you slide the clip up and down to write.  The ink in the pen is the color of the pen which I really like.  They write really smooth and are comfortable to hold.  I do think I lost these to my son who loves them and well has pretty much tried to claim them!

The last of the pens I received for review as the Acroball Pure White.  This is the first Hybrid Pen I have ever seen or heard of and I love it.  I was amazed, we all write with gel pens and have the ink smear because it takes a moment to try.  These have resolved that issue.  They combined gel and regular ink so you have the what you write still flows smooth and looks great but it dries a lot quicker so no more smudges.  I am in love with this pen.  I write notes all day long and this is perfect.

When I worked outside of my home, I always had problems keeping my pens.  I would buy my own because they would not provide nice ones and naturally mine would walk away.  I would usually be able to track them down, but these would have made it a lot easier.  I worked with mainly men so the chances of them walking off with a pen that actually is in colors and styles that girls would love is slim.  This is going to work well for being home with my boys (who also walk off with my pens!)  All of the above pens come in different colors and styles so you can even have them to match your outfits for the day.

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