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Emily Reviews – Metropolitan Collection Pens from Pilot

One of my pet peeves is trying to write with a pen that doesn’t work well.  I’m always on the look out for a great pen since they are so few and far between.  I recently had the chance to review the Metropolitan Pen from Pilot.  This collection was released in December of 2012.  I’ve used fancy high end pens before to only be disappointed.  However, this time, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Pilot pen came in a nice box that would be perfect for gift giving.  My daughter has already asked if she can have the box when I’m done with it because it’s so “cool.”  Even with the nice presentation, I was still skeptical.  In the past, a great presentation didn’t equal a great pen.  I picked the pen up and it had a nice weight and feel to it.  If you plan to write a page or two (or more), you need to have  a nice pen that sits well in your hand.  I’ve found that really light pens have to be gripped too tightly while really heavy pens become cumbersome.  This pen felt just right.  Now for a test.  I wrote my name.  The ink flow was perfect and the pen seemed to glide along the paper.  So far so good.  But now I had to give it the real test.  I had some friends coming over to watch the kids the next day so I had to write out a page of instructions and info.  I wrote the whole thing in no time without any issues.  The pen continued to be comfortable in my hand, the ink flow remained perfect, and everything just flowed nicely.  I was impressed.

Now, even though I was impressed, I wanted my husband to try it out.  He’s always been “pen crazy.”  He pays most of the bills for us so he buys an expensive pen and then “claims” it and puts it in his desk.  Nobody is allowed to use his “good” pen because it drives him crazy to do paperwork and pay bills with a junky one.  He spent the evening catching up on paperwork and paying bills only to end the evening by claiming the pen!

With two thumbs up from our family, we suggest that you get one of these for yourself or for that special father in your life since Father’s Day is coming up soon.  The Metropolitan Collection Pens are designed with a brass barrel and stainless accents and nib.  You can purchase them in three different premium matte finishes and barrel designs.  Check out all the different options and pens. they offer.  You can also catch up with Pilot on Facebook. and Twitter.

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